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samedi 17 mai 2014

A Dragon on the Doorstep



Click on the link below to download the flashcards. I found the illustrations on this website: www.art4apps.org



4 commentaires :

  1. Hi Valerie! I think your worksheets are FANTASTIC!!! I was wondering, the images of your classroom flashcards do not match with the downloadable copy. Is there another link where I can download the flashcards related to this story?

    1. Hi Georgia! Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. I've changed the link so you'll be able to see only the animals of this story. Concerning my posters about the verbs to play and to see, you can download them in my post named ''Verbs''. Finally, for the posters about house (bedroom, garage, downstairs and attic)...I haven't put the link online yet because my unit about ''house and furnishing'' is not done...But it will be ready for sure this week...So come back next weekend and you'll be able to find the link...Have a great day! Valérie :)

  2. Thank you Valerie!
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for these activities!
    With your flash cards, I made some activities... I could send them to you... but I don't know how.