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vendredi 23 septembre 2016


Here is my new product about FEELINGS. You can download it on TPT.

Here's what's included in this product:
- 8 feelings posters:
   * Happy
   * Sad
   * Embarrassed
   * Worried
   * Scared
   * Proud
   * Excited
   * Angry
- A picture dictionary
- 16 cards that can be used to play Go Fish!, a memory game or a miming
game. It's up to you! :)
- Drawing worksheets (cycle one students)

This story book is PERFECT to introduce this UNIT:
the way I feel

Using this book from Barefoot Books,  we had good times watching and singing the song If you're happy and you know it.

We watched this video:

To download the How does it make you feel? handouts, click here.

To download the flashcards related to this song, click here.

To download the lyrics of this song and an activity about it, click here.
If you're happy and you know it

If you're happy and you know it

To download the handout where grade two students have to create a personalized version of this song, click here.

If you're happy and you know it

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  1. simply amazing, Valérie! Thank you so much for sharing....

  2. Interesting Post !!!
    I like the way you written the post. All the points are very funny. There are many websites who famous for funny articles. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful material! My first graders will love it. Greetings from Chile :)