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jeudi 23 mars 2017


HEY THERE! Here's my new unit on SPORTS!!!  In this unit, students will learn sports vocabulary through various fun speaking, grammar and writing activities. This unit is intended for elementary cycle three ESL students.

Here's what's included in this product:
★ 31 sports flashcards
★ 25 sports equipment flashcards
★ 4 entitled cards
★ A fun boardgame
★ A ''I have... Who has?'' card game
★ A vocabulary list (sports, equipment, locations/places)
★ 2 grammar worksheets (verbs: play, do, go, kick, hit, bounce, etc.)
★ A reading comprehension
★ 3 matching worksheets
★ Two speaking activities (Interview and Find Someone Who Can...)
★ Riddles worksheets
- A ''How to Create a Riddle?'' handout
- Students have to solve and to write riddles.
★ A writing project where students have to invent a new sport. It's more suitable
for grade 6 students (a teacher's example for modeling, draft and final copy
templates, and a writing checklist).
★ Quizzes
★ Every worksheet comes with an answer sheet.



3 commentaires :

  1. These are awesome. Do you have some cool riddle worksheets? I've been doing 'what am i' riddles with my daughter and would like to look for riddles in a fun way like this. I can share the riddles. Let me know what you think: What Am I Riddles

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