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vendredi 16 mai 2014

My family

Here's my project (updated version) about family members. I did this project with my cycle two students.



 To download a BINGO about family members, click here.

 To download a BINGO about family members for grade three students, click here.

To download a family tree activity for grade one students, click here.
To download the same activity but for grade two students, click here.

I have a reinvestment task for grade three students, if you would like to have it, click here.

To download the activities with the Simspsons family, click here.

I have family posters. What I do with most of my posters is that I print them on white cardboard and then I laminate them. To see my family posters, click here.

Most of these clip arts come from http://www.art4apps.org/

7 commentaires :

  1. What a great job!
    Merci beaucoup.
    Cela sera très utile dans ma classe.

  2. Thanks !
    Quelle police utilisez-vous pour écrire "happy teaching" dans cet article et les mots "happy" "hello" dans les autres articles (de couleur turquoise)..?
    Merci pour vos partages, à bientôt

  3. How helpful worksheets and cute flashcards! Thanh you so much. Love your activities

  4. thank you for sharing an awesome and wonderful activities

  5. That bingo is awesome! Exactly what I was looking for!
    Thank you so much!

  6. nice ideas to work with...thanks for sharing!