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samedi 12 avril 2014

Shining Stars

I use the last 5 minutes of each class period to give a little certificate to a ''Shining Star'' student. I try to do a lot of positive reinforcement...the most as I can! I really want them to feel good when they come to English and I also want them to be proud of themself. When students make efforts to speak English (even if it's just a few words), they automatically get the chance to be the Shining Star of the day.

When a student is a Shining Star, I put a star's shape sticker next to his name.

When a student is a Shining Star, he will gets his privilege on the following class. He can choose a big sticker or he can sit at my desk (this is the most popular one!). Also, the student can bring Mr Froggy at his place and spend five minutes with our class mascot.

To download the list of privileges, click

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