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dimanche 6 avril 2014

Adjectives - Opposites

Wanna have fun with adjectives and opposites...Let's see what I have got here...

First, if you want to download my flashcards about adjectives, click


Most of the clip arts were found on this Website:
With my cycle two students, we played Go Fish! I asked students to pair up and I gave them one deck of cards. Everybody knows how to play Go Fish right? My students just love this game. When they play this game about adjectives, I ask them to say, for example: ''Do you have the opposite of cold?'' ''Yes I have hot.'' or ''No I don't have hot, go fish''.

Let's see how I made my deck of cards...First, to download the adjectives' flashcards click
It's better if you print the document with Acrobat Reader. Go where it's written ''Pages par feuilles'' and type ''5'' par ''5''. Make sure you have cardboards in your printer. Once it's done and everything has been printed, all you have to do is to laminate and to cut out allllllllll little cards...Hours of fun!

To download my first worksheet about opposites, click

To download my second worksheet about opposites, click

I found this cool video about opposites on You Tube. If you want to see more videos about opposites, click

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